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PURPLEI don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.

YELLOWI wish we were friends in real life.

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TURQUOISE: I would hug you if we met

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KathNiel Week (May 5 to May 11 2014) is a 7-day celebration dedicated for the pairing of the Teen Queen and King, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. Show your devotion to this ship by joining the week-long celebration of KathNiel. Any form or art, may it be a graphic, gif, manip, video, fanfiction, or fanart, is considered. For each day of the week, we have created prompts for you to choose from. You may choose one prompt or even do both!

Hover over the prompts for details or go here to understand each better.

If you’re a stuck on a prompt for a specific day, don’t worry! You may not follow the given prompt for the day. Feel free to come up with your own prompt instead of those that are suggested!

Be sure to check the rules first to understand it better!

We will be tracking and reblogging posts in the “#kathnielweek" tag. Please tag your creations with "#kathnielweek" (NO SPACE). Make sure it’s part of the first five tags or else it won’t be shown in the tracked tags.

Follow this blog for more updates! It’ll be much more active when the week starts! Look out for the fandom’s creations.

Please ask questions if you want to clarify things or you could even message us to express your love for KathNiel! We encourage everyone to participate in this event to bond, although not physically but virtually, and feel the KathNiel vibes together. O(≧▽≦)O  ヾ(@゜∇゜@)ノ


"Hi! My dearest followers, If you have a twitter account
Please. Follow me :)) https://twitter.com/imlessthanthree I’ll follow back. ^-^"

Too cute to handle bb. :*

ALBUM ► Daniel Padilla → DJP → I Heart You

You don’t have Fixie? Awkward… Get it! fixiegif.com



KathNiel playlist + lyrics

(inspired by x)

till there was you

"I feel so blessed and thankful kasi kung wala sila, hindi ko rin maaabot kung anong meron ako ngayon." -Kath

Step by step na galawan ni Dj! Haha, ❤😍 (c)